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What are prefold nappies?

When faced with the array of cloth nappies that are on the market it can be a little overwhelming and confusing.  There are many different types of cloth nappy on the market, but one of the simplest to use, and one of the most reliable and tried and tested cloth nappies is the prefold cloth nappy.  But are prefold nappies?

What are prefold nappies?

Prefold nappies are flat nappies, usually (but not always) made out of cotton.  They are called prefolds, as unlike traditional flat cotton nappies, they do not require complicated folding and pinning.  Instead the nappies are ‘prefolded’ and then sewn to give a thicker, absorbent panel through the centre of the nappies.  Giving you more absorbency where you need it the most.

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Do I need to fold prefold nappies?

When asking the question what are prefold nappies, you might assume that they do not need to be folded at all.  This is not in fact the case.  Although they are ‘prefolded’ already, they will still need folding to fit your baby.  Unlike other flat nappies though, this is a fairly straightforward and easy procedure.  The simplest way to use the prefold is to fold it into a pad and place it in a nappy cover.  You can find more details on this here.  As prefold nappies are made of cotton, which ever fold you decide to use with them, you will need to use a separate waterproof cover.

What are the advantages of prefold nappies?

Prefold nappies are simple to use, they do not need complicated folds or pins, and can be simply placed in a cover and then fastened around your baby.  They are also quick to dry, as they unfold to a flat rectangle.  They are slightly thicker than traditional flat cotton nappies, but this only makes them take slightly longer to dry.

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