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10 reasons for choosing cloth nappies

Not sure if cloth nappies are for you? Trying to find out the reasons for choosing cloth nappies? Want to know the benefits of using cloth nappies?

Check out our ten reasons for choosing cloth nappies:

Save money with cloth nappies

Cloth nappies save you money. Even when you take into account the initial set up costs, and washing costs, they still work out way cheaper than using disposable nappies.  We have some figures here that break down the costs of using ecobots full time compared to using disposable nappies full time.  Roughly though, you will be saving around $3,500 on your first baby alone, by using ecobots rather than disposable nappiess.

Better for the environment

Better for the environment; a great reason for choosing cloth nappies

On the face of it, it seems pretty obvious, something that you wash and reuse is going to surely be better for the environment than something that you throw away surely? But is it that straightforward? What about the washing? There is an often quoted bit of research that was done, that found that cloth nappies were only slightly better for the environment than disposable nappies, which would perhaps suggest that they’re not that much better. That is until you look a little closer, the research assumed that you were only doing half loads, boil washing, tumble drying and then ironing.  It also didn’t take into account the disposing of disposable nappies.  As you’re unlikely to be doing any of these things (ironed nappies??) then obviously using cloth IS far better for the environment.  Don’t forget, even with all of these things being done, and disposing of disposables not taken into account, cloth nappies still came out as slightly better.

Cloth nappies look cute

There are some simply stunning cloth nappy creations out there, but even our simple, basic ecobots are a really cute look on a baby.  Think about it, when you see a cute drawing of a little baby on greeting card, are they drawn wearing a disposable? No they have big, cute fluffy bums.  You can’t beat cloth for cuteness, which has to be one of the best reasons for choosing cloth nappies.

Cloth nappies look cute


What would you rather wrap your precious little one’s bottom in? Chemical filled plastic? Or nice, soft natural cotton. Being a natural fibre, cotton breaths, and helps to maintain a natural body temperature, which of course is far better for your baby.

Hip position

People sometimes worry about the effects of wearing a cloth nappy on their child’s development, worrying that it might slow down walking (if only). Generations of children have grown up with big cloth behinds, and it hasn’t hurt their development.  In fact a cloth nappy holds your babies legs in a better natural position for hip development, and if your child has any issues with hips, you might find that one of the things that is suggested to rectify it, is a big bulky nappy.

Earlier toilet training

Of course all children are different, and there is no guarentee that a baby who wears cloth nappies will be an early toilet trainer, but on average those in cloth tend to get the idea of being wet or dirty sooner than those who are in disposables.  Actually being able to feel the wetness against their skin means that they are aware that they need changing and what is happening when they wee or poo sooner than children who cannot feel it.

Less Nappy Rash

Using cloth nappies does seem to result in fewer cases of nappy rash.  That’s not to say that your baby will never get it, but with fewer chemicals for the skin to react to, and with the nappy not causing your baby to get to hot in that area, you will probably find that they are far less likely to suffer from nappy rash.  If you are finding your baby is getting nappy rash, have a look at our tips.


Fewer Chemicals

No body actually knows exactly which chemicals are used in disposables, and they do vary between brand.  If you look at a pack of disposables, there’s no ingredients list telling you what is in them.  They do all contain some kind of substance that draws in water and locks it away though, and some studies have suggested that some of these chemicals are quite nasty.  Whatever they contain, limiting the amount of chemicals that your newborns sensitive skin is exposed to has got to be a good thing.

No nasty chemicals in cloth nappies


Despite what disposable nappy adverts would have you believe, when it comes to reliability and containment, you just can’t beat cloth nappies.  If you have friends with children, you’ve no doubt heard horror stories of newborn poo escaping everywhere, sometimes to be even found in their socks.  I can honestly say, as a full time cloth user, I’ve never had anything to deal with like that.  With ecobots you have both the nappy itself and the cover giving protection, a double defence.  Our double gusset nappy covers also help to contain everything really well, and the firm elastic at the back, stops things from shooting up there.

Feel good factor

There is something about using cloth nappies which just makes you feel good. Maybe it’s seeing your little one with a cute cloth bottom, or hanging your washing out on the line, and watching it flap in the breeze.  Knowing that you’re using something that is better for the environment and better for your child’s skin is also bound to make you feel good. Using cloth nappies is great.

What are your reasons for choosing cloth nappies?  Please let us know via the comments, we love to hear your thoughts.

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